The beastly decrepitude of their animal souls will lay bare for all to see.Hallmark doesn’t make cards for moments like these. Paternity testing alone is enough to alter women’s sexual behavior in a big way.Your wife will love you for your measured approach and self-sacrifice, and the most important thing is to keep your wife happy, right? If he’s that low on the self-esteem pole then he might be able sack down and survive eighteen years without once mentioning his wife’s whoring and the kid who doesn’t look anything like him. Is this superfluous numbering system supposed to make her sound scientific?I can imagine the thoughts going through his head, when years later our protagonist is coaching his daughter’s soccer team: “Wow, she’s so athletic and assertive. Maybe it’s for the best that my genes weren’t passed on. Maybe it’s just my male logic, but if the guy decides to leave the marriage on account of strong evidence — say, oh I dunno, a paternity test — that he is a cuckold, then it wouldn’t much matter if his cheating whore of a wife is estranged from him or challenges what he already challenged. This is what women do when they have nothing left to fall back on but hollow arguments.Humans fear most the loss of mating power, and the prerogative of women to get impregnated on the sly with an alpha while foisting the bill on a beta is a hardwired preference millions of years old.Any threat to the established order, especially an existential threat as game-changing as DNA paternity testing, will send women into involuntary apoplexies of hair-raising moral myopia.Now we’ll examine the Style columnist’s family counseling advice. When just seeking the truth could change your life in dramatic and irreversible ways, it’s best to start not by actually doing something but by inviting each possible truth into your imagination as fact. This is postmodern therapeutic age gibberish squared. “Invite each possible truth into your imagination as fact”? Embrace the female way: Wallow in your psychodrama while getting nothing accomplished.

So really, not much will change.” The impact isn’t in the marginal loss of cuckoldry as a mating strategy, but in the *perception* of loss by *all* women.

The first Sexual Apocalypse was heralded by the death song of the following Four Sirens: the Pill, No-Fault Divorce, Economic Gender Egalitarianism, and Misandrist Laws. As I see it, the future of humanity will radically change once again with the coming of the Three Horsemen of the Second Sexual Apocalypse: Widespread, accurate and accessible paternity testing. Mandatory paternity testing is already on the docket in some legislatures.

There have been hopeful signs of justice being served.

To which a man should answer in the only way acceptable: FUUUUUUUCK YOU.

The fear coming from women when the spotlight is on efforts by men to expose cuckoldry is perfectly understandable.


My wife and I have been happily married for six years. For about the past six months I have suspected my daughter isn’t really “mine.” I have never suspected my wife of cheating on me, but for a number of reasons I cannot quiet my suspicions about the baby. If a man suspects his wife has cuckolded him, the odds of his child not being his rise to 30%. So by the second sentence I know this guy is a Natural Born Beta.

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