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In addition to the perfectly reasonable desire to keep the memorial on the same day of the week as Christ's Resurrection, there were other, ignoble motives for separating the Christian celebration from the Jewish holy day.In his letter to those not at the Nicene Council, the Emperor Constantine spells out some of what we would refer to as anti-semitism: According to the Jewish calendar, it was possible for a year to have 13 months.Write a program to compute the date of Easter Sunday.Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring.

"According to the proposal [of the World Council of Churches], churches would continue to follow the current formula to calculate the date of Easter, but with the assistance of the most accurate astronomical scientific knowledge available.By the 8th century, there was a chance that, contrary to the ruling of the Nicene Council, Easter might precede or coincide with Passover.Easter had to follow the Vernal Equinox, but the Vernal Equinox no longer fell on March 21. Calculations, at the time, were made using the Julian calendar in which a 3-year cycle of 365 days is followed by a leap year with 366.The Full Moon used for the purposes of the Easter reckoning is the fourteenth day of a Lunar Moon reckoned according to the ancient Ecclesiastical computation, and not the real Astronomical Full Moon."* The Service Book of the Holy Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church.By 2001 the Western and Eastern Orthodox churches had hoped to reconcile their Easter dates using advances in astronomical information.

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The Eastern Church still observes the rule laid down by the Council of Nicea (A. 325) and now disregarded by the Western Church, that the Christian Easter shall never precede or coincide with Jewish Passover, but must always follow it.

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