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She lay still, in a kind of sleep, always in a kind of sleep. Her tormented modern-woman's brain still had no rest. And she knew, if she gave herself to the man, it was real.

"You lie there," he said softly, and he shut the door, so that it was dark, quite dark.They were strangers at first and only knew they needed what everyone needs, tenderness in their lives.It felt like I was watching two people desperate in their search, almost helplessly drawn to find happiness against all odds.Soon, she discovers that the source of her unhappiness is from not being fulfilled in love, and in turning to the arms of Mellors, she has a sexual awakening that will change her thoughts forever.See more » This movie was very enjoyable as well as instructive.

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Then she quivered as she felt his hand groping softly, yet with queer thwarted clumsiness, among her clothing. She knew that, when at last he roused and drew away from her. He drew her dress in the darkness down over her knees and stood a few moments, apparently adjusting his own clothing.

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