Live hot vedio

Live hot vedio

And I’ve been assured that the only appropriate way to mark the hot sauce anniversary is to consume the stuff on live video streamed directly to Facebook.

So I did that, along with Anthony Ha and Hayden Lynch of Thrillist, who partnered with GE to concoct what the companies have deemed 10^32 K, a hot sauce (and extremely effective promotional gimmick) they’re calling “apocalyptically hot.” The “K” is short for Kelvin, the full name serving as an homage to “the temperature at which physicists believe all things start to break down and everyday matter no longer exists.” “All things” being a broad and comprehensive list that almost certainly includes the delicate insides of my mouth, which, aside from moderate amounts of Sriracha and Thai food, don’t often dabble in the dark, peppery arts (this is me bracing you for the above Facebook Live video, in which I cry on camera).

The materials are also said to preserve the sauce’s taste, which, I can now confirm is “a little sweet,” courtesy of the apple, cane sugar and garlic also included in amongst the pepper party. An attempt to attain legendary Tech Crunch status by dropping dead my second week on the job? In the faint hope that I might meet a coyote voiced by Johnny Cash? Find out whether or not I die in the above video and am in fact now writing this a blogging ghost.

Little consolation, in a sauce containing multiple strains of peppers capable of reaching more than two million on the Scoville scale (compare that to the garden variety jalapeno, which rates around 5,000), which may or may not have been grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum I don’t know why I agreed to this? Hopefully I’ll make it to the end of my first month, which I’m told is the eating-broken-glass anniversary.

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It was filmed on August 23, 2003 and the DVD was released on November 17, 2003.

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