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As you can see, I'm greatly busy with homeworks,dance pratices and etc.yeahhhhh. (; something that would make life more meaningful and interesting, even with stress wondering around my life and mind.

Well, this shall be my first post of this month ( JUNE ) .

In another 3months plus, I'll be taking my 'O' levels. For an 'O' levels student, this june holiday is ain't productive at ......

the 2nd week, i've been diligently doing my homework.

: B hehehe& juniorssss are performing @ suntec tropics atrium tdy (:unable to go support them cos of sme personal matters, but still wish them all the best !

If this post contradicts with my previous post, i don't really care. I SERIOUSLY CAN'T GET THOSE BOOKS INTO MY HEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

gotta plan what i wana do for tmrw,wed,thur,fri,sat&sun!


OFF TO BE A (Y)GOOD GIRL, TO DO MY HOMEWORK : P SEEYAH!! i decided to post something, after soooooooooooooooo long. coz i don't feeel good): realllly nt the shits are coming all @ once. i thank you for your tolerance and feel apologetic at the same time. we shall just part for our own get tgt, when both parties are in such torment. Because by ignoring, I'm actually helping you to lead a happy life, without me inside.

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But still, there's this korean drama - creating destiny. : D it's been dinosaur years since i've updated my livejournal!

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