Balding sex vodes inden girls

Balding sex vodes inden girls

Male faces with less cranial hair (hair on the head) were perceived to be more intelligent and older.The researchers concluded that if you have less hair on your head, it is a sign of advancing age, and thus also a sign of greater life experiences and intelligence! More specifically, the nation wants to know – do women like bald men in arranged marriages? Unfortunately, for anxious, balding, Indian men, this is a topic that has very limited or no answers.The other two studies also pointed out to one conclusion – women considered men with shaved heads to be more powerful or dominant.However, if you have a naturally thinning hair, your are considered unattractive.This is a popular question on Quora and has 25 responses already from Indian men and women.We decided to look at the hard numbers first in terms of responses from women.

They may not wear proper clothes or use deodorant, but every boy and man in India carry a comb that slides into the back pocket of the trouser.

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Manns conducted three different surveys to understand how shaved head in men changes perception.

In the first study, he had 58 women were asked to rate 25 men on various parameters that included dominance, physical strength, age, and attractiveness. The result was that women rated men with shaved heads to be more dominant!

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This question was raised by a woman in India going through arranged marriage.

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