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Romi and whitney dating

Melinda trained Whitney for the first time, and Whitney seized the opportunity to invite her out for that night.When Whitney arrived at the bar, she was stoked to see Miranda waiting out front.Once inside the party, Nat hung close to her sister in the DJ booth, avoiding Rose. If the seating chart and RSVP list require immaculate care, why leave such a colossal responsibility to an intern?Using her grandmother as an excuse for bad behavior, Rose called her ex-girlfriend Angel and left Natalie high and dry without a ride or house keys. Flailing around complaining about hanger discord, Mikey dropped F-bombs over Mena Suvari’s non-existent RSVP.We’ve learned from episodes past that Romi ain’t shy, but this week she took it from bold to porn star as she let the cameras film her getting acquainted with Whitney’s strap-on.Dignity concerns aside, I appreciate Romi for this instructive lesson because now I get it. As party guests pounded on the door, Whitney shamelessly pounded Romi presumably with the same accouterments she used the night before with Tor. Whitney could only rationalize her behavior by saying, “I am a pussy slut.”As the post-coital realizations began to dawn on Whitney, she walked around the party aftermath working a droopy dog half-hearted attempt at damage control, stopping in with Scarlett, Alyssa, and finally Tor.Delighted at discovering Miranda is at least marginally attracted to women, Whitney brought her panty-dropping flirt.

To prepare for that night’s festivities, Scarlett and Whitney hit the sex shop to buy a new harness.

The fun didn’t stop there; Whitney and the gurls planned the first annual White Trash Party complete with cheap beer, jello shots, pink flamingos, and the pièce de résistance: cream corn and lube wrestling.

After watching Whitney go twice around in the kiddie pool, Romi was so aroused she led Whitney by the hand to the bedroom where she illustrated why this program airs on Showtime.

Dan redeemed himself later by amping the table’s volume from Pottery Barn lezzy to full on five alarm queen with a multi-tier vase and candle extravaganza for the Seder.

The conflict between Rose and her mother appears to be driving her abuelita to an early grave.

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Mikey attempted a grand romantic gesture by planning a surprise commitment ceremony for Raquel in Vegas.

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