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Iphone play count not updating itunes

I've searched google and the SDK and can't find any references on setting these values, only getting.. Edit: I'd like for this data to be synced with the data displayed in i Tunes, as opposed to storing a local copy of a play count that only my app will see. What framework are you using or do you do everything on your own? If so, what persistent storage are you currently using?How do you currently store the titles/sniplets etc?These play counts also will be synced with your i Tunes library counter when the device is synced.In order to clear the play count on an i Pod, you will need to connect and sync your i Pod to a computer with i Tunes. Chanel began writing in 2002 as a webmaster for an independent film company.Once it is synced, click the i Pod device on the left side of the i Tunes windows and perform the same steps described in the first section of this article. He graduated from West Virginia University, earning a Bachelor of Science in journalism.

We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. Hi, I’m wondering if there is any way to sync an i Pod/i Phone to an i Tunes library without syncing the metadata, specifically the “last played” info.Right-click on the "Play Count" column of the song in your i Tunes library and select "Reset Play Count." You can also reset the play count of your entire i Tunes library by selecting all of the files instead of just one.To select all of the files in your i Tunes library, press the "Ctrl" or "Apple" key and the "A" key on your keyboard.Unfortunately my wife and my daughter share some of those songs and each time they listen to one and sync with i Tunes it changes the “last played” date; which means there are some songs that will never get pulled onto my playlist.Unfortunately, there is no way to disable the updating of tracking metadata such as Last Played, Last Skipped, Play Count, Skip Count and rating when automatically syncing your music with an i Pod or i OS device.

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Apple developed the play count feature of i Tunes to help with their "Smart Playlists" feature.

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